Convert a Build-Info Repository to a Federated Repository

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Build-Info repositories can be set as a federated member in a Federation.

From Artifactory 7.35, you can convert an existing Build-Info repository to a Federated repository using the Artifactory REST API.


The Federated repository cannot be converted back to a local Build-Info repository.

Step 1: Convert the Build-Info Repository to a Federated Repository

POST /api/federation/migrate/{buildInfoRepoName}

Sample Input

POST /api/federation/migrate/artifactory-build-info
Migration finished successfully. 

Step 2: Add Members to the Build-Info Federation

After you have converted the Build-Info repository into a Federated Build-Info repository, add members to the Federation using the Update Repository Configuration REST API.Update Repository Configuration

    "key": "projectKey-build-info",
    "rclass" : "federated",
    "members": [
        { "url": "http://<target-JPD>/artifactory/projectKey-build-info", "enabled":"true"},
        { "url": "http://<target-JPD>/artifactory/projectKey-build-info", "enabled":"true"}

For more information, see Repository Configuration JSON.Repository Configuration JSON