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Requires JFrog Distribution be installed with an Enterprise+ licence.

The Release Bundles search enables you to search for distributable and received Release Bundles within a specified time page.

To search for release bundle:

  1. From the left of the search field at the top of the JDP window, select Release Bundles.

  2. From the right of the search field, click Advanced Search advanced-search-filter-button-jan-2024.jpg. Advanced Search options are displayed.

    search_release_bundles (1).png
  3. Configure Advanced Search options using any of the below parameters.

    • Name: Type the name of the Release Bundle

    • Created After: Pick a date after which the Release Bundle was created (start date)

    • Created Before: Pick a date before which the Release Bundle was created (end date)

  4. Click Search. The search is run and results are displayed.