Workers Service

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Workers service is similar to the JFrog user plugins available in the self-hosted JFrog Platform. For more information on user plugins, see User PluginsUser Plugins

Workers service provides the following functionalities that greatly increase the flexibility of the JFrog Platform.

  • Synchronized hooks that integrate custom code that affects JFrog execution flows.

  • Workers are executed on JFrog nodes with auto-scaling support that essentially provide functions as service and a serverless experience.

  • Workers run on JFrog servers and you need not worry about setting up the servers to run the custom code.

  • Code auto-complete that exposes the available functions and parameters that accelerates the code development.

  • Built-in connectivity for authenticated API calls to JFrog services in the platform.

You can write the code for workers in TypeScript directly in the JFrog Platform UI or through the public API. You can choose from the available actions in JFrog products, write and test code, and when you are ready, enable the worker in production with the click of a button.Create Worker

You can create workers and enable the ones that you want. Only those workers that you enable trigger when events occur in the JFrog platform.

Currently, you can create the following workers with the Workers service.


Event Type


Sample Code


Before Download

Before Download events are executed before the download request is executed by Artifactory.

For example, you can run initiate an Xray scan before the actual download of the artifact from Artifactory.

Before Download Worker Code Sample


After Download

After Download events are executed after the download request is executed by Artifactory and the Artifact is downloaded by client.

After Download Worker Code Sample


Before Upload

Before Upload events are executed before the upload request is executed by Artifactory.

Before Upload Worker Code Sample


After Create

After Create events are executed when an artifact is created in the Artifactory storage. For example, you can add a property value to the artifact immediately after it is created.


After Create event is slated to be available only for those customers who have both Artifactory and Xray licenses when Workers Service moves from Beta to General Availability.

After Create Worker Code Sample


After Move

After Move events are executed when an artifact is moved from one repository to another.

After Move Worker Code Sample


After Build Info Save

After Build Info Save events are executed after a build info has been saved in the Artifactory storage.

After Build Info Save Worker Code Sample


Generic Event Worker

Generic event workers can execute custom code independent of any events in the JFrog Platform.


The Workers UI provides a direct feedback system that enables you to provide feedback regarding the Workers Service. You can also provide your requests for different types of workers through the feedback system.