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You can create or edit users through the JPD UI or the API.Create User

Only administrators can create users

To create users you must be an administrator.

  1. Navigate to Administration Module | User Management | Users, if you use the classic navigation.

    If you use the JFrog New Navigation, click Administration on the top bar. Select User Management| Users.

    • Click + New user at the top of the Users table to create a new user.

      The Add new user dialog box appears.

    • Click the username to edit an existing user.

      The Edit user dialog box appears.

  2. In the Add new user (or Edit user) dialog you can set the User Name, Email Address and Password for the user as well as the following parameters.

    Role/ Option



    Administer Platform

    When enabled, this user is an administrator with all the ensuing privileges. For more details please refer to administrator users.Users & Groups

    Manage Resources

    When enabled, this user can manage resources including create, edit, and delete permissions on any resource type including Pipeline resources (Integration, Source, and Node Pools).

    Manage Policies

    When enabled, this user can set Xray security and compliance policies.Creating Xray Policies and Rules

    Read Policies

    When enabled, this user can only view Policies.

    Manage Watches

    When enabled, this user can add, edit, and delete Xray Watches.Configuring Xray Watches

    Manage Reports

    When enabled, this user can create, generate, and manage Xray Reports.Manage the Xray Reports List and Performing Actions on Reports


    Can Update Profile

    When enabled, this user can update their profile details (except for the password. Only an administrator can update the password).

    There may be cases in which you want to leave this unset to prevent users from updating their profile. For example, a departmental user with a single password shared between all department members.

    Disable UI Access

    When enabled, this user can only access the system through the REST API.

    Disable Internal Password

    When enabled, disables the fallback mechanism for using an internal password when external authentication (such as LDAP) is enabled.

  3. Click Save to save the user.