Unassign Repository from a Project

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You can un-assign a repository from a project from the central resources page.

To un-assign a repository from a project:

  1. In Projects, select the relevant project or All in order for the repository to be visible.

  2. Select Repositories. The Repositories page opens with the relevant filter applied.

    JFrog Platform New Navigation

    If you use the new navigation, click Administration on the taskbar, and select Repositories. For more information on the new navigation, see JFrog Platform Navigation

  3. Find the repository to un-assign and click the project name in the Project column.

  4. Select the project to unassign. When you hover over the check mark, an X appears with an Unassign popup. Click the X to unassign the repository.

  5. If the repository is shared with other projects, click keep to maintain the shared state or not keep to eliminate the shared state.

    The resource is no longer owned by the project.

  6. If the repository is shared with other projects, the count for shared repositories is updated. If the resource is not shared, the count is listed as zero.