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The Dashboard Topology page displays your registered JPDs across geographical areas in a map view with a set of indicators that provide insight into the health of your services running on each JPD. By default, the Topology page displays information about the Home JPD that was configured during the installation process. When you enable Mission Control as an Artifactory microservice, the JPD that Mission Control is part of is automatically declared the Home JPD and is displayed in the Topology view as the default location.Migrating Platform Deployments and License Buckets

The Topology page is divided into two main panels.

  • Map View: You can toggle between the Replication and Access Federation views or focus on specific JPDs by entering tags that were predefined during the JFrog Platform Deployment Registration Process. Tags are labels that help you to organize your JPDs according to logical categories. For example: you can group JPDs by location or by data centers including Development, Testing, and Production.

  • Information Panel: You can view basic status information and a list of services configured for the selected JPD.

To access the Topology page, f rom the Application module, click Dashboard and select Topology .

The Topology page displays the JPDs on a map with one of the following health indicators next to each JPD, allowing you to quickly assess the state of your services running in the JPD.

JPD Health Indicator


number of jpds nearby.png

Indicates that one or more JPDs are running in the same location.

all of the services are offline.png

Indicates that the services are offline.

a number of services are offline.png

Indicates that only certain services are offline.

Proceed to view the detailed service information.

all jpds available.png

Indicates that all the services are online and functioning in the JPD.

unauthorized to view JPDs.png

Indicates that Access Federation information could not be retrieved.


Indicates that the JPD is offline.

View the topology metrics to find the problem.

Click the dropdown arrow in the bottom panel and scroll to view the service details.

jpd bottom panel view.png

A list of services installed on the JPD opens.

bottom panel in dashboard.png

The following metrics are displayed in the bottom panel of the Dashboard providing information on the health of the selected JPD and its services.

  • Service Status: Displays the health of the selected JPD.

  • Storage: Displays storage utilization for repositories and packages.

  • Replication: Displays the Replication status - Succeeded, Failed, Not Configured, or Not Run.

  • Licenses: Displays the JFrog license activated on the JPD.

  • Service Breakdown Per JPD: Displays a list of services installed.


When a JPD is offline a Release bundle can not be distributed to an Edge node. This will be a critical error as before every distribution the system checks with Mission Control for available Edges.