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Server Name

The name of the server to be displayed on the title of each page.

Custom Base URL

By default, URLs generated in the JFrog Platform Deployment (JPD) use the context URL returned by your servlet container as a base.

A custom URL base is useful when the system is running behind a proxy. In this case the base for URLs generated in the JPD for links and redirect responses must be specified manually.

Another reason to change the base URL would be to have non-request-based operations use the correct address, for example in generated emails.

This may also be modified using the Update Custom URL Base REST API.

Overriding the Custom URL Base

You can override the Custom URL Base by adding an X-JFrog-Override-Base-Url HTTP header to your request. This can be useful if you need the JPD to answer to more than one host name.

Date Format (mandatory)

The date format for displaying dates in the web interface.

Enable Help Component

If set, the JPD displays context sensitive help topics in the top right corner of the UI.