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Live Logs will be deprecated in 2024 and will be replaced with alternative solutions.

Subscription Information

This feature is supported on the Cloud (SaaS) platform with an Enterprise+ license, and on the Self-Hosted platform with a Pro, Pro X, Enterprise X , or Enterprise+ license.

The Live Logs plugin allows you to get the JFrog product logs (JFrog Artifactory, JFrog Xray, JFrog Distribution) using the JFrog CLI Plugin. To learn more, see Live Logs Readme.

The log types that are supported as part of the CLI plugin for Live Logs are as follows:

  • Artifactory 


  • Distribution 



Following security enhancements to the JFrog Cloud (SaaS) platform, Artifactory will only provide the log file artificatory-request.log .

Enable Live Logs

To enable Live Logs and to use both endpoints, you will need to enable the Live Logs CLI plugin in the system.yaml file.

      enabled: true
      refreshRate: 10s
      concurrentSessionsPerUser: 10
      readBlockSizeKB: 300
  • The refreshRate sets the refresh rate

  • The concurrentSessionsPerUser is the number of concurrent users that are allowed to use the API

  • The readBlockSizeKB is the buffer size. The default value is 300.