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To create a new proxy definition, access the Administration module go to Proxies | Configuration | Proxy Configuration and click New.

Fields that are not required by the proxy may be left blank (for example, if you are not using authentication credentials or with an NTLM proxy you may leave the Username and Password fields blank).




Proxy Key

The unique ID of the proxy.

Default proxy

The service(s) to define the proxy for.


The name of the proxy host.


The proxy port number.


The proxy username when authentication credentials are required.


The proxy password when authentication credentials are required.

NT Host

The computer name of the machine (the machine connecting to the NTLM proxy).

NT Domain

The proxy domain/realm name.

Redirecting Proxy target Hosts

An optional list of newline or comma-separated hostnames to which this proxy may redirect requests.

The credentials defined for the proxy are reused by requests redirected to all of these hosts.

NT Host and


Using Proxies

Artifactory accesses a remote repository or Federated repository through a proxy only if one is selected in the Advanced settings for the repository.

Whether a proxy has been set manually or by setting a Default Proxy as a Platform Default or for Artifactory, you can override this setting by selecting the No Proxy option for any specific repository.

In this case, Artifactory will access the specific repository without going through a proxy.