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Replication ensures developers all work with the same version of remote artifacts and that build artifacts are shared efficiently between the different development teams.

The Replication view tracks and displays information on all replications in which the selected JPD is involved. If multiple replications are configured for the JPD, you can filter the list by source or destination repository. Replication is used in a variety of use cases to synchronize repositories between remote JPDs. Depending on repository size this may require the transportation of huge quantities of data. Since speed of transportation is limited by bandwidth and network latency, this is a process that may take hours and even days to complete. For more information, see Repository Replication.Repository Replication

To access Replication view, from the Application module, click Topology and select Replication from the Show list.

You can quickly check the Replication status for the selected JPD In the bottom panel.

The arrows between the source and target JPDs indicate the direction of the replication data flow from the Target JPD to the Source JPD.