Webhooks Troubleshooting

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You can choose to store the event data as a result of a failed webhook execution in JFrog Platform. You can also choose to set the webhook in the debug mode so that the data is stored regardless of the status of the webhook execution. You need to Configure Webhooks Troubleshooting in Self-Hosted JFrog Platform when you create or edit a webhook in self-hosted JFrog Platform.

You can view the data in the Troubleshooting tab of the Webhooks screen in the JFrog Platform UI or use the Webhooks Troubleshooting API to retrieve the events.Stream All Troubleshooting Data

In self-hosted JFrog Platform, you can view the Troubleshooting tab or use the API, only if you use Redis to store troubleshooting data.

Webhooks troubleshooting data is available in the JSON format. For more information, see Webhooks Troubleshooting Data Format