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Subscription Information

This feature is supported on the Self-Hosted platform, with a Pro, Pro X, Enterprise X, or Enterprise+ license.

The JFrog Platform supports Open Metrics for Self-hosted customers (the functionality is not supported for JFrog Cloud customers).

Credentials for Accessing Open Metrics

From Artifactory version 7.21.1, an admin user can create a scoped access token using system:metrics:r and use that as the credentials for getting the service metrics. The admin can create read-only access token to get metrics, which then enables anyone with the read-only token to read metrics. To learn more, see Access Tokens.

To enable metrics in Artifactory, in the Artifactory System YAML file, make the following configuration changes:Artifactory System YAML

        enabled: true

        enabled: true

While metrics are enabled by default in Xray, if they are not enabled, you can make the following configuration changes to the Xray System YAML to enable them.+Xray System YAML

To enable metrics in Insight, make the following configuration changes to the Insight System YAML.Insight System YAML