Set Groups for a User

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You can assign and remove a user from groups when the user is created or by editing user's details later.

  1. In the Administration module, under User Management | Users, from the list of users, select the user you wish to assign to or remove from the group.

  2. In the Related Groups section of the form, you can set which groups the user should be assigned to.

    Before Artifactory version 7.73, the interface contains the available groups and selected groups in the same view.



    From Artifactory version 7.73, the selection process for associating groups has been enhanced to scale up to work with a very large number of groups. The Related Groups section instead contains an All tab, where you select groups, and a Selected tab, which shows the groups associated with the user.

  3. From Artifactory version 7.73, in the All tab, select which groups to assign to the user by clicking the checkbox next to the group. When you select a group, it is automatically added to the Selected tab.

  4. From Artifactory version 7.73, to select all of the groups, in the All tab, click the checkbox near the first group, scroll down to the last group, then click Shift and click the checkbox near the last group. All the groups will be selected.