Step 1: Create Project Roles

JFrog Platform Administration Documentation


Required Permissions

To create a project role, you must be assigned an 'Administer the Platform' role or a Project Admin role.

  1. From the Projects list, select the project on which to assign the role.

  2. On the Project level, navigate to User Management | Roles.

    From Artifactory version 7.77, the Roles page has two tabs, a Global Roles tab containing global roles with their assigned actions for the project, and a Project Roles tab with the user-defined project roles.

  3. In the Project Roles tab, click Create Project Roles and configure the role settings:

    1. Type your user-defined Project Role name.

    2. (Optional) Assign one or more environments to the role by selecting from the Global Environments and Project Environments lists.

    3. Set the Basic or Advanced role actions to assign to the role:

      • The Basic tab supports a limited number of actions regardless of the resource type.

      • The Advanced tab supports another level of granularity, which allows Project Admins to assign actions according to resource type.


        Any actions settings made in the Advanced tab are removed if you move back from Advanced to Basic mode.

The following example displays the QA Tester role in the US R&D Project with advanced actions including Read and Write on repositories, delete Builds, promote Release Bundles, and the Trigger action on Pipelines.