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You can manage access to repositories by defining users, assigning them to groups and setting up roles and permissions which can be applied to both users and groups.

From December 2021, JFrog Cloud users (only) can also join through an invite, and to then log in using Personal OAuth such as Google or GitHub.

To manage the users who can access resources in your system:

Navigate to Administration Module | User Management | Users, if you use the classic navigation.

If you use the JFrog New Navigation, click Administration on the top bar. Select User Management| Users.

  • Passwords are stored as hashes or encrypted hashes.

  • The Status column shows you the current SCIM status of the user: Enabled, Disabled, or Locked.

  • The Email column shows you the email of the user, including if the user was added via invite from the admin (JFrog Cloud users only).

  • You can sort users in tables by additional columns

  • You can do a partial search by name/email in tables