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Use the procedure below to upload a GPG key pair (public and private keys) to Artifactory.


The keys are generated outside of Artifactory. For more information, see Generate GPG Keys.

To upload a GPG key pair to Artifactory:

  1. To upload your signing keys, go to the Administration module and then go to Artifactory | Security | Keys Management.

  2. Click + Add Keys, and from the dropdown list, select GPG Keys.


    This opens the Add GPG Key window.

  3. Enter the details for the GPG key pair.

  4. Click Test to test the configuration.

  5. If the test is successful, click Add GPG Key to save the new key pair.

  6. Artifactory will indicate when the keys are installed, and you can click the Public key is installed link to download the public key.

After you have uploaded your new GPG keys, you can use them for JFrog Distribution. For more information, see JFrog Distribution GPG Signing.GPG Signing

When working with Release Bundles v2, you can use the keys to sign a Release Bundle version and then propagate those keys to Distribution (Enterprise+ users only). For more information, see Create Signing Keys for Release Bundles (v2).Types of Release BundlesCreate Signing Keys for Release Bundles (v2)

Upload GPG Keys using the REST API

You can upload a GPG key pair to Artifactory using the Create Key Pair REST API.Create Key Pair