Step 1: Obtain Service IDs

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The first step is to obtain the service IDs of the Artifactory services involved in the permission synchronization relationship. Note that we need the Artifactory service IDs, although, in fact, the permissions are managed and synchronized by the corresponding Access services.

For each of the source and target Artifactory services run the Get Service ID REST API endpoint. In this example, we are assuming you are applying this call directly on the machine that the Artifactory service is running (i.e. on localhost):Get Service ID

curl -uadmin:password -v http://localhost:8081/artifactory/api/system/service_id
On the source service, the response is:
On the target service, the response is:

Plan and map out your synchronization

We strongly recommend having the service ID of each Artifactory cluster involved ready for use, and creating a diagram that illustrates the permission synchronization topology you are implementing while assigning a logical name for service ID. In this example, we will assign the following logical names to the source and target service IDs:

access-1: jfrt@01c9s2y40bcs960sdxwy4302yc

access-2: jfrt@01c9wadx1fvh3d1egg7wne0e0g