Create an Admin Scoped Reference Token

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From Artifactory release 7.38.4, you can choose whether to generate an extended token (as in the screen above), or to generate a Reference Token. The Reference Token is a "shortened," 128-character key, thereby providing an alias for longer token.

To support this option, the Generate Scoped Token UI includes an additional Create Reference Token checkbox.

  1. To create a Reference Token, verify that the checkbox is selected and click Generate.

    This displays the Generate Token window, which includes the username, scope, audience, expiration, token ID, the full token and the Reference token.

  2. To copy either full token or the Reference token, use the copy icon next to the token.


    Tokens generated here are not stored in the JFrog Platform for security reasons; therefore, make sure you copy the token before closing this window. Once closed the token will not be available.