Step 2: Assign Members to a Project

JFrog Platform Administration Documentation

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Administration / Platform

Required Permissions

You need to be assigned the ' Project Admin' role to assign Platform users/groups as Project members in a project. The 'Administer the Platform' role has this privilege too.

Before you assign members to a Project, you need to create User and Groups in the Platform, and then assign members to a project in the Administration module | User Management | Users or Groups. For more information, see Users and Groups.Introduction to Users and Groups

JFrog Platform New Navigation

If you use the new navigation, click Administration on the taskbar, and select User Management| Users or Groups. For more information on the new navigation, see JFrog Platform Navigation

  1. From the Projects list, select the project to which you are adding users/groups.

    The Projects Overview tab under the Projects Settings module is selected and the Project view is displayed.


    In this procedure, you will be selecting an existing role for the user/group. To create new roles for the project, see Creating Project Roles.

  2. To add users/groups as project members, click +Add Members.

  3. From the Select User or Select Group list, select a user, and from the Assign Role list, select which role to assign to that user.

    Alternate method for Adding Members

    Select the Project add members by accessing User Management | Members and clicking +Add Members.


    Proceed to add resources to the Project.