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This feature is supported on the Cloud (SaaS) platform, with a Pro, Enterprise X , or Enterprise+ license.

The JFrog Platform provides standardized logs for all JFrog products and their services. The Cloud Log Collection function is designed to collect and store application logs into a dedicated JFrog Artifactory repository. The logs can then be downloaded and then used, for example in third-party analytics systems.


JFrog encourages Cloud customers to enable the log collection feature; enabling this feature will ensure that you are able to maintain your access to older log files in case you require them in the future.

Supported Cloud Log Files

The Cloud Log Collection supports the following JFrog logs:

  • Audit Trail Log, which registers all operations related to users, groups and permissions to allow auditing and tracking capabilities that allow you to enforce security policies in your organization

  • Artifactory Request Log, which lists all http requests (including gRPC) that were made to the service.Logging

Additional logs may be added to this collection in the future.

Log Retention

Logs are retained unless the customers deletes them.

Cloud Log Collection Permissions

Cloud Log Collection requires the following user permissions:

  • Log collection setup - admin-level user permissions

  • Log download - admin-level user permissions

Cloud Log Collection Costs

Cloud Log Collection may incur additional costs for the following

  • Data transfer for downloading logs

  • Storage for storing the logs

Cloud Log Collection Operations

Enable Cloud Log Collection

To set up log collection, use the Enable Log Collection API and set the enabled flag to true:Enable Log Collection

Opt Out of Log Collection

To opt-out of log collection, use the Enable Log Collection API and set the enabled flag to false:Enable Log Collection

Cloud Log Collection Repository

The logs will be collected in a dedicated system repository called jfrog-logs, which is created when the API is called. The repository will be displayed in the Platform UI (if the user has admin permissions) together with the other repositories (such as build-info, etc.). The repository will also have a dedicated icon to indicate it.

Cloud Log Collection Frequency

Logs will be uploaded once in 24 hours or when 25 MB are reached (the earliest).

Cloud Log Collection Folder Structure and File Name Conventions

The repository top level is the main service name, the level below is the node ID. Below them, the logs from all the microservices of the main service are deployed.

The filenames are similar to the log filenames that are produced by the log engines.

For example:

├── 2021-03-17/
│   ├── 4976g549w6gj5907h8j59480-metadata-request-2021-03-17T12-22-07.000.log.gz
│   ├── 4976g549w6gj5907h8j59480-metadata-request-2021-03-15T12-22-07.000.log.gz
│   ├── ng4598687g549867n548-artifactory-request-2021-03-11T12-22-07.000.log.gz
│   └── 4976g549w6gj5907h8j59480-artifactory-request-2021-03-18T12-22-07.000.log.gz
└── 2021-03-16/
    ├── ng4598687g549867n548-access-request-2021-03-14T12-22-07.000.log.gz
    └── nng4598687g549867n548-artifactory-request-2021-03-12T12-22-07.000.log.gz