Using Secure Entra ID

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To use Secure Entra ID with a valid certificate from a CA trusted by Java, all you need to do is use a secure Entra ID URL in your settings, for example, ldaps://secure_ldap_host:636/dc=sampledomain,dc=com.

If you want to use Secure Entra ID with a non-trusted (self-signed) certificate, seen Managing TLS Certificates.Manage TLS Certificates

Manager DN

To construct the Manager DN string according to your Entra ID server, navigate to a user with administrator privileges (e.g. Administrator (1)), and then construct the Manager DN in reverse order (2,3) from the User, up the folder hierarchy.

For example, in this simple configuration, the Manager DN here should be


Notice that the domain (3) is split in reverse order to dc=alljfrog,dc=org