Administer the Platform Role (Platform Admin)

JFrog Platform Administration Documentation

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Administration / Platform

This role is set at the User and Group level. By default, Platform administrators are considered Project Admins and have full admin permissions on all the projects. They can view and manage the projects from the main projects dashboard and assign Projects Admins to perform admin types.

  • Create projects and delegate administrative rights for those projects. Sets quotas for projects, allowing groups to own multiple projects while still having the option to set quotas for individual projects

  • View the Projects dashboard

  • Set actions on Global roles

  • Assign Project Admins to Platform Users and Groups.

  • Grant Project Admins 'Manage Resources' and 'Manage Members' privileges.

  • Grant Project Admins Xray security privileges, such as 'Index Resources', 'Manage Security Assets, and 'Ignore Global Violations'.

  • Create Global and Project Policies, Watches, and Reports.

  • Ignore Global Watch Violations.

  • Set storage quotas on projects

  • Perform CRUD operations on projects

  • Define CRUD operations across projects including moving, copying, and deleting projects.

  • Move repository reassignment from one project to another.

  • Create new resources (Repositories, Builds, Pipelines, etc.)