Token Expiration

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Users accessing the JFrog Platform use access tokens that have a predetermined expiration date.


You can change the default value of token expiration in the Default Token Expiration (Second) field.


If token entities are federated, enable email notifications only on one of the JPDs to avoid getting duplicated emails for the same entity.

To ensure that your access to the platform is maintained, you can set token expiration notifications that send an automatic email notification before your tokens expire (the notification will be according to the notice period).

  1. To enable notifications, select the Enable Email Notifications for Token Expiration checkbox.

  2. In the Notice Period Before Tokens Expire field, you can specify how many days before a token expires you will receive an email notification.

  3. Once per day the system will check for tokens that expire within a time window of 24h after the notice period. You can customize this setting by entering a time in the Time of Daily Token Expiration Check field (the Platform will convert the time automatically to UTC time).