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To set up access federation, click Apply Topology and select Star. The wizard appears that takes you through the following steps.

  1. Select services

    Select the services that will be part of the federated group. To include services in the federated group, select them from the Available Platform Deployments list and use the arrows to transfer them to the Selected Platform Deployments list.

  2. Select security entities to synchronize

    1. Select the method for assigning entity types to targets.

      • Manually assign entities to different targets: This provides flexibility as it allows you to assign different entity types to different targets. For example: You decide to synchronize users and groups from Access A to Access B, choose to only synchronize users, groups, and permission from Access A to Access C, and synchronize all the entities from Access A to Access E.

      • Apply on all Targets: Any selection made applies to all targets and selecting Permissions applies to all permissions. This option is enabled when selecting the Star Topology.

    2. Select the entity types to be synced.

      • Users

      • Groups

      • Permissions

      • Include/exclude Patterns: When assigning entity types to targets, you can assign specific permissions to be synchronized using the Include/Exclude regular expressions.

      • Tokens

  3. Summary

    The wizard displays a summary of your configuration. To apply, click Finish.


    A summary of the results appears.


This example shows setting up a star topology to allow synchronization of security entities from the Home-JPD to artifactory-edge1. Prior to setup, artifactory-edge1 was provided with the root certificate of Home-JPD , and Mission Control was setup to make calls to the Access service in artifactory-edge1.