Onboard Projects in an Upgraded Environment

JFrog Platform Administration Documentation

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To learn more about Xray in Projects, see Projects Concepts and Terminology.

To onboard your existing users or group and resources into projects, do the following:

  1. Set up a new Project.

  2. Assign Platform users and groups with Roles in the Project.

  3. Assign your existing repositories to the Project.

  4. Remove the current permission targets from your reassigned resources.

    1. Navigate to User Management | Permissions and click the required Permission Target in the Permission Target Name column, if you use the classic navigation.

      JFrog Platform New Navigation

      If you use the new navigation, click 176260902.png (Platform Configurations) on the taskbar, and select User Management| Permissions, and and click the required Permission Target in the Permission Target Name column. For more information on the new navigation, see JFrog Platform Navigation

    2. In the Edit Permissions Target page, modify the resource assignment in the Repositories tab. For more information, see Permissions.

  5. Assign your resources to the relevant Project.

    1. Click Go to unassigned repositories.


      From the Administration module, under Repositories | Repositories, select a repository and select a Project from the Projects list.