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For each JFrog service you will find its active log files in the $JFROG_HOME/<product>/var/log directory. For consistency, each log file is prefixed by its service name and a dash, <service-name>-service.log. For example, artifactory-service.log and router-request.log.

The following log files are included for all JFrog Services.




Service Log

<service-name>-service.log For example: artifactory-service.log

Main service log file for each microservice, containing data on the service activity.

Request Log

<service-name>-request.log For example: artifactory-request.log

Lists all http requests (including gRPC) that were made to the service.

Outbound Request Log


For example: artifactory-request-out.log

Lists all the remote requests initiated by a remote repository and replication.

Console Log


Combined log file that contains server activity for all microservices.

In Windows, microservices will have separate console log files named <service-name>-console.log