Apply a REST API Endpoint on the Source Service to Invoke a Full Broadcast

JFrog Platform Administration Documentation

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Administration / Platform

Description: Synchronize data from a source to a target Access service

Notes: Requires Artifactory Enterprise Plus

Since: 5.11

Security: Requires an admin user.

Usage: PUT /api/v1/system/federation/[targetServer]/full_broadcast

Sample Usage:

curl -uaccess-admin:password http://localhost:8040/access/api/v1/system/federation/access-2/full_broadcast -XPUT

The access-admin user

REST API calls on an Access service need to be authenticated using the Admin user of the Access service on which you are making the call.

Don't confuse this with any Admin user defined in Artifactory. Those can be used to make REST API calls on Artifactory. This call is made on the Access service to revive it after a long period of inactivity, not on Artifactory.

The following example shows how you can configure a 1-way replication of permissions by synchronizing permissions settings from a source Access service in your circle of trust to a target.

Map Permission Targets with repositories of different types

By default, federation only works for permission targets where the permissions are applied on resources of the same type (local-to-local and remote-to-remote).

Mapping repositories with different types (remote-to-local or local-to-remote) requires editing the Artifactory system properties.

To enable local permissions on remote repositories:


To enable remote permissions on local repositories: