Cold Storage Setup

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Subscription Information

This feature is supported on the Self-Hosted platform, with an Enterprise X or Enterprise+ license.


To set up Cold Storage, you must first configure a designated Artifactory instance as the Cold Artifactory, connect to it a storage provider (either an inexpensive self-hosted storage or a cloud storage provider, such as Amazon S3 Glacier), and then connect the Cold Artifactory instance to an existing Artifactory instance, also called a Live Artifactory instance.Filestore Configuration

The steps required for this process include:


Before setting up Cold Storage, you will need to verify that the following prerequisites are in place:

  • Two Artifactory instances


    The two Artifactory instances - Live and Cold - do not have to be the same version.

  • Enterprise or Enterprise Plus licenses

  • Unique license for each Artifactory instance

  • Administrator access to both instances

  • The Artifactory instance that is set as the Live Artifactory instance must have the Mission Control microservice enabled (see Migrating Platform Deployments and License Buckets for details)Migrating Platform Deployments and License Buckets


Every cluster of Artifactory that needs to archive requires a single Cold Storage instance with a dedicated license.

Setup Methods

You can set up Cold Storage using either of the following methods: