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JFrog provides Enterprise X and Enterprise+ customers with the ability to manage user access to the Platform through the System for Cross-domain Identity Management ( SCIM 2.0) protocol, which is designed to make managing user identities easier.

The SCIM protocol complements SSO (such as SAML or OAuth), which allows receiving updates regarding users and groups. To this end, the JFrog Platform implements the parts of SCIM 2.0 required for managing users and groups and the association between them. We have used Okta and Azure Active Directory (AD) to verify this capability.

Click here to learn more about managing users and groups with SCIM in the JFrog Platform.

SCIM Requirements

To implement the JFrog SCIM protocol, you need the following prerequisites.

  • JFrog Platform 7.17.0 (and above)

  • An identity service (e.g., Okta, Azure AD) with provisioning mode enabled

User Names

User names are the unique identifiers for users in Access. User names are case-insensitive.

Associating API Keys

If you want to associate API Keys with users added through SCIM, in the SAML SSO configuration in Access, verify that the option "Allow Created Users Access To Profile Page" is selected (for more information, see SAML SSO Configuration).