Manage Storage Quotas

JFrog Platform Administration Documentation

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Required Permissions

Only Platform Admins can set storage quotas on a project.

By default, projects are set with an unlimited storage quota. The Storage Quota functions differently based on JFrog Platform Environment:

  • In a self-hosted environment, Platform Admins can limit the space allocated for uploading repositories by setting storage quotas at the project level when creating a new project.

  • In a cloud-based environment, Platform Admins can set a limit for informational purposes by selecting the Deploy Beyond Limit field.

set the storage quota in cloud.png

To help Project Admins manage storage quotas, a set of quota alerts are displayed within the Project dashboard in the UI. These alerts are displayed whena project reaches 75 percent capacity and at 100 percent, whereby no additional artifacts can be deployed.


At the project level, under the Storage tab in the left pane, you can view the artifacts size for each repository in the project.