Enable Mission Control for Access Federation

JFrog Platform Administration Documentation

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You need to enable Mission Control in the home JPD to configure Access Federation.

To enable the Mission Control in the Artifactory instance, add the following values in the system.yaml file, located under $JFROG_HOME/artifactory/var/etc.

    enabled: true

Enable Mission Control in non-PostgreSQL Installation from Artifactory 7.84.10

If you run Artifactory with a non-PostgreSQL database, add shared.allowNonPostgresql: true, if the JFrog Platform did not Mission Control microservice enabled before upgrade to Artifactory 7.84.10 and you wish to enable it after the upgrade.

Restart Artifactory after you add the values in the system.yaml file for the changes to apply.

After the restart, if you navigate to the Administration tab in the JFrog Platform UI, you can see a new tab called Platform Deployment.