Search and Restore Archived Artifacts Using REST APIs

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Search enables you to perform a dedicated search for artifacts in the Cold instance that you wish to restore to the Live instance. The search results indicate the origin of the resolved artifact (repo) and the availability, which depends on the type of storage used in the Cold instance.

After performing a search for the archived artifacts, admins can select the artifacts to be restored and trigger the restoration from the Cold instance to the Live instance. Restoration is a non-destructive process and none of the restored artifacts are deleted from the Cold instance.


You may run AQL queries only on the Item domain. Other primary domains, such as Build, Entry, Promotion, and Release are not supported.

Search Archived Artifacts Using a REST API

  1. Use the Search for Archives API to search for an archived artifact.Search for Archives

  2. Use AQL to search within an archive based on the following criteria:

    • Repository and path

    • Artifact name

    • Artifact checksum

    • Artifact properties

    • Archiving period

  3. After the search is complete, select the specific artifacts from the search results that you wish to retrieve.

Restore Archived Artifacts Using a REST API

  1. To restore an archived artifact, run the search as per the instructions above.

  2. Use the Restore from Archive API to specify the file's explicit name and path.When retrieving, you can choose to restore to the original/fallback location or a new location. All the restored files are then uploaded to the Live instance.Restore from Archive

  3. Admins who have their email server configured will receive an e-mail notification when the restore operation is complete.


  • Depending on the number of artifacts being restored, the restoration process can take a few minutes to a few hours.

  • If the restoration process encounters an error, the process fails and the error messages are logged accordingly.

  • The maximum number of artifacts that can be restored during a single run is 30k. This value can be configured using the retention.warm.restore.artifact.limit property in the Artifactory System Properties file. During the restore process, if the number of artifacts crosses the max limit, the restore process terminates after completing the restoration of 30k artifacts and the cause for termination is logged.Artifactory Configuration Files