After Download Worker Code Sample

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Administration / Platform

The following section provides a sample code for an After Download worker.

export default async (context: PlatformContext, data: AfterDownloadRequest): Promise<AfterDownloadResponse> => {

   console.log(await context.clients.platformHttp.get('/artifactory/api/system/ping'));
   console.log(await axios.get('https://my.external.resource'));

   return {
       status: 'DOWNLOAD_PROCEED',
       message: 'proceed',

Input Parameters


Provides baseUrl, token, and clients to communicate with the JFrog Platform (for more information, see PlatformContext).


The request with download details sent by Artifactory.

 "metadata": { // Various immutable download metadata
   "repoPath": { // The repository path object of the request
     "key": "key", // The repository key
     "path": "path", // The path itself
     "id": "key:path", // The key:path combination
     "isRoot": false, // Is the path the root?
     "isFolder": false  // Is the path a folder?
   "originalRepoPath": { // The original repository path if a virtual repository is involved
     "key": "key",
     "path": "path",
     "id": "key:path",
     "isRoot": false,
     "isFolder": false
   "name": "name", // The file name from path
   "headOnly": false, // Is it a head request?
   "checksum": false, // Is it a checksum request?
   "recursive": false, // Is it a recursive request?
   "modificationTime": 0, // When a modification has occurred
   "directoryRequest": false, // Is it a directory request
   "metadata": false, // Is it a metadata request?
   "lastModified": 1, // Last modification time that occurred
   "ifModifiedSince": 0, // If a modification happened since the last modification time
   "servletContextUrl": "base", // The URL that points to artifactory
   "uri": "", // The request URI
   "clientAddress": "localhost", // The client address
   "zipResourcePath": "", // The resource path of the requested zip
   "zipResourceRequest": false, // Is the request a zip resource request?
   "replaceHeadRequestWithGet": false, // Should the head request be replaced with GET?
   "repoType": 1 // Repository type
 "headers": { // The immutable request headers
   "key": {
     "value": []
 "userContext": { // The user context that sends the request
   "id": "id", // The username or subject
   "isToken": false, // Is the context an accessToken?
   "realm": "realm" // The realm of the user


   message: 'proceed', // Message to print to the log. If an error occures, it will be printed as a warning.