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When a new project is created, a corresponding build-info repository is automatically created for the project. The naming convention of the build-info repository is:<project key>-build-info. For example, for a project named docker-local, the build-info repository name will be:docker-local-build-info. Note that the build-inforepository is created by the system repository and cannot be deleted by the Platform Admin or Project Admin.

Rules and guidelines when uploading builds to a project:

  • Platform Admins can upload builds to a project

  • A single build can be uploaded to a single project at a time.

To upload a build to a project:

  1. From the Projects list, select the required project.

    Projects_adding Builds.png
  2. To upload a build to the Project:

    1. In the Resources| Builds section, click Set Me Up.

    2. Use one of the following methods to upload the build.

      • JFrog CLI Build Integration

      • Upload Build REST API

      • CLI Integration

      • Deploy the build in the Artifact Browser