Split a License Bucket

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A license bucket can be split into any number of separate buckets that can be applied to multiple environments as needed.

This is useful for isolated environments that have disconnected networks, and each require a dedicated service. For example: separate environments for Development, Staging and Production. In this case you would split the bucket into additional sub-buckets that can be assigned to each service that's within each one of the environments in your organization.

To Split a bucket, select "Split" from the action drop down list.


Add the new bucket name and the number of licenses to assign to it.

Once the new bucket is created, it will be added below the original bucket with the same name, appended by a dash and an ordered number.

For example:

  • original bucket ID: 905539862

  • new bucket ID: 905539862-1

Bucket split ID name.png

The newly created licenses bucket should be downloaded and uploaded to the JPD environment it is intended for.

To download the split license bucket, hover over the bucket and select Download Bucket and Copy Key from the from the Actions drop down menu.

download_copy key split bucket.png