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This feature is supported on the Self-Hosted platform, with a Pro, Pro X, Enterprise X, or Enterprise+ license.

JFrog supports integration with Splunk for log analytics and real-time observability. With this integration, you can:.

  • Monitor the operation of your JFrog Platform

  • Collect, visualize and analyze rich JFrog Xray violations data to assess the impact of license violations and vulnerabilities impacting your software

Prerequisites for Splunk

To enable Splunk to receive the unified log data, as well as, Xray violations data, you will need to set up the HTTP Event Collector(HEC) in your Splunk deployment. You can configure HEC in Splunk Enterprise.

Set Up Fluentd for Splunk

To set up Fluentd for Splunk, perform the following steps.

  1. Install Fluentd logging agent on each JPD node, as shown in the Fluentd installation guide, for tailing the various JPD log files for new log lines to parse into fields.

  2. Configure the installed Fluentd agent as per the configuration that matches the JFrog application running in the node, provided in the JFrog Splunk Log Analytics GitHub project.

View JFrog Platform Data in Splunk

Forward the aggregated log data and Xray violations data available through Fluentd to Splunk for searching, analyzing and visualizing the data. The JFrog Logs app for Splunk is available in Splunkbase.

Download and install the app to connect the JFrog Platform data to your existing Splunk account. Restart the Splunk instance after the app is installed from the Splunkbase. The app helps process extracted JFrog Platform logs and Xray violations data, and includes the following.

  • A diagnostic dashboard view for Artifactory and Xray

  • A violations dashboard summarizing license and security violations captured by Xray

View JFrog Log Data in Splunk

JFrog Platform log data is summarized in a diagnostic dashboard within the JFrog Logs app available in Splunkbase. This dashboard provides a diagnostic view for Artifactory and Xray.


Once the app is installed, the JFrog Logs dashboard presents timeline and count data for the following key operating metrics:

  • Log volumes, which can be filtered by type

  • Service errors

  • HTTP response codes

  • Accessed image

  • Accessed repositories

  • Data transfers in GB for uploads/downloads

  • Top 10 IPs for upload/download

  • Audit actions by username

  • Denied actions and logins by IP and username

  • Accepted deploys by username

If you need more, you can use the unified data to build your own custom dashboard widgets in Splunk, to gain the operating insights you need. For more detailed instructions on the Splunk integration, see the JFrog Splunk Log Analytics GitHub project.

View JFrog Xray Violations Data in Splunk

The Violations dashboard is provided as an additional tab under Xray within the JFrog Logs App, that is available in Splunkbase. This dashboard provides a comprehensive view of all the security and license violations impacting your software, along with insights on the most frequently impacted repositories, builds, release bundles, artifacts and components.