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A bucket report provides a variety of information on usage of licenses in the bucket. To view a bucket report, hover over a bucket and select View Report from the Actions drop-down menu.


Bucket Report Section


Total Licenses

The total number of licenses in this bucket.

Bucket Identifier

The identifier of this license bucket.

Expiry Date

The expiry date for this license bucket.

Max. consumed licenses over time

The maximum number of licenses that were ever in use concurrently during the validity period of this bucket.

Split Buckets

The additional buckets split from this original bucket.


The services attached to this license bucket.


Do you have enough or too many licenses in your bucket?

Max. Consumed Licenses shows you that highest number licenses you ever used during the validity period of this bucket. This is something to consider when you renew your JFrog Artifactory licenses.

  • If you not used all the licenses in this bucket concurrently, you may be able to manage with fewer licenses.

  • If you reached the total number of licenses in this bucket, you may not be meeting the demand for Artifactory services in your organization and should consider purchasing more Artifactory licenses.