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To help you get started with Projects, refer to these basic terms and concepts.

The following diagram describes the basic components within the project entity.



A project is an organizational management entity in the JFrog Platform for hosting your resources (repositories, builds, Release Bundle, and Pipelines, etc.) and associating users/groups as members with specific entitlements.

Assigned/Unassigned Resources

The JFrog Platform differentiates between assigned and unassigned resources in the scope of projects. When upgrading to the Platform with Projects, all the resources are set as 'Unassigned' as they have not yet been assigned to any project. To support assigning multiple resources to projects, you can assign projects to resources from the unassigned tab.

Project Key

A unique Project Key that helps you identify and group your projects. For example, add a key that identifies the location of the project in the US Site or the type of team - the Developer Team. From Artifactory 7.42.1, the minimum number of characters required in Project keys has been reduced from 3 to 2.

Project Members

Users or groups that are assigned a role in a project become a Project Member and are listed in the Members list for the project.


Resources are entities within the JFrog Platform including repositories, builds, and Pipelines. A set of product-specific actions are available if the product is installed on your system.


An Environment is used to aggregate project resources for simplified management of project resources (repository, Pipeline source, etc.). Administrators can create environments on a global level that are used by all projects as well as create environments that are defined for a specific project. See Environments. You can assign a set of roles to project members for each environment, providing you with an additional layer of role-based access granularity. See Managing Project Roles and Members.Environments

Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) and Actions

JFrog Platform users and groups can perform a set of actions in projects using a set of dedicated project-related RBAC roles including Global and project roles.

Project Personas

A set of dedicated project personas are set on the project level comprising of Global roles and Project roles. The main built-in role is the Project Admin role. By default, All Platform Administrators are automatically granted the Project Admin Role. For more information, see Project Roles and Members Concepts.