Google OAuth Provider Setup

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To set up your OAuth account on Google, execute the following steps:

  1. Login to Google Developer Console.

  2. Create a new project. For example, "Artifactory OAuth".

  3. Once the project is created, in the left navigation bar, select APIs & auth | Credentials.

  4. Select the OAuth consent screen tab and configure the consent page that the end users will see when logging in with the Google credentials.

  5. Back in the Credentials tab, Click Add Credential and select OAuth 2.0 client ID.

  6. Under Create client ID, select Web application.

  7. Enter a Name and set the Authorized redirect URIsFor self-hosted: https://<server_host>/artifactory/api/auth/oauth2/loginResponse

    For cloud: https://<server_name>

    configuring Ouath Client.png
  8. Click Create to generate your Client ID and Client Secret.


    Make a note of these; you will need them to configure OAuth authentication through Google on the JFrog Platform.