Disable Basic Authentication Method

JFrog Platform Administration Documentation


When using an external authentication method such as LDAP, SAML, etc., the basic authentication method can be disabled for internal users.

Note the following if the feature is enabled:

  • Basic authentication is disabled for both UI and REST API.

  • All forms of automations, scripts, plugins using basic authentication are also disabled.

Before disabling, a few steps have to be taken to ensure that the external users have the necessary permissions and prevent a system lockout.

Perform the following steps:

Step 1 You must first configure an external authentication method.

Step 2 After configuring the external authentication method, a user group needs to be created for the external users, and users need to be provided with Admin permissions. For more information, see Users and Groups.Introduction to Users and Groups

Step 3 Once the group is created, you can choose to disable the basic authentication method.

Take note, these steps are important in case an external system admin is not configured before basic authentication is disabled, the system will be left without administrators. If this occurs, and the system is locked out contact JFrog support for assistance.