License Management for an Individual Artifactory or Artifactory Edge

JFrog Platform Administration Documentation

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To apply licenses to a single JPD instance use the following steps.

1. Add a new bucket.

2. Select Edit service for an existing Artifactory or Edge service.

3. In the credentials section, enter username/password and select Test Connectivity. If the connectivity test succeeds, the dropdown for bucket selection is enabled.

4. Choose the new bucket from the list and select Save.

The JPD determines the number of licenses the selected Artifactory/Edge instance requires and deploys that many licenses. If the existing licenses have better expiry than the selected bucket, then no action is taken.

Artifactory / Artifactory Edge licenses

For Artifactory and Artifactory Edge services, buckets of both types are available for selection. This allows you to switch an Artifactory to Artifactory Edge or vice versa.