Non-UI Authentication Cache for LDAP

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You can configure the system to cache data about authentication against external systems such as LDAP for REST API requests. This means that the first time a user needs to be authenticated, the system queries the external system for the user's permissions and group settings.

The information received from the external system is cached for a period of time. You can set the dynamic attributes in the Artifactory YAML Configuration file by setting the property. Once a user is authenticated, while the authentication data is cached, Artifactory uses the cached data rather than querying the external system, resulting is faster authentication. The default is set to 300 seconds.Access YAML Configuration

Prior to Artifactory version 7.71.x , you need to configure thethe property in the $JFROG_HOME/artifactory/var/etc/artifactory/artifactory.system.propertiesfile.


The cache is only relevant for REST API requests, and is not relevant when using the UI.

Docker Caching Requests Require Docker v2 Tokens

Caching for Docker requests requires using a Docker v2 token. The Docker client or a Smart Remote repository with token-based authentication enabled, always refers to v2 token in the initial request and applies to all Docker command types (Pull, Push, etc.). The retrieved token is then used for all the subsequent requests to Artifactory. For example, when pulling Docker layers using the same Docker Pull request.