Cold Storage Architecture

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For information about configuring Cold Storage, see Cold Storage Setup.


The Cold Storage archiving solution is comprised of three main components:

  • Live Artifactory instance

    Live Artifactory is a standard Artifactory instance from which artifacts or packages will be archived.

  • Cold Artifactory instance

    Cold Artifactory is a stripped-down, limited-functionality version of an Artifactory instance that is used for archiving purposes. The Cold instance is implemented as a dedicated Artifactory instance, connected to a binary storage provider (such as AWS Glacier).


    One Cold Artifactory instance can be connected to only one Live Artifactory cluster. Every cluster of Artifactory that needs to archive requires a single Cold Storage instance with a dedicated license.

  • Archive (binary storage provider)

    When setting up the Cold instance, you will need to connect it to a binary storage provider. You can use one of the following storage options: