Password Expiration Policy

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An admin user can enforce a password expiration policy to force all users to change their passwords at regular intervals. When the password expiration policy is enforced, users who are not within the specified time interval will have their accounts locked until they change their password.

Artifactory Future Breaking Change

In an upcoming release of Artifactory, JFrog will expire the "Unexpire Password for a Single User" endpoint from RT REST APIs and the UI that goes with it (once API v1 is fully deprecated). This means this API will not available in Artifactory REST API V2.


Password Expiration Policy Setting


Enable Password Expiration Policy

When selected, password expiration policy is enabled.

Password Expires Every (Days)

Specifies how frequently all users must change their password.

Send Mail Notification Before Password Expiration

When selected, users receive an email notification a few days before their password expires.

Force Password Expiration For All Users

Forces all passwords to expire. All users will have to change their password at next login.

Unexpire Expired Password for All Users

Removes the password expiry status for all users