Recreate the Default Admin User

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If you are unable to obtain administrator access, you will need to recreate a default administrator user in order to be able to manage users of your system. This can be done using the Access bootstrap.creds:

  1. Create a file called bootstrap.creds under JFROG_HOME/artifactory/var/etc/access

    Artifactory HA version under 6.8.0

    For Artifactory versions below 7.17.2: If you are running an Artifactory HA cluster, make sure to do the changes on the primary node. After the last step, perform a rolling restart to the cluster (restart each node starting from the primary node).

  2. Populate the file with the following content:

    <admin user name>@*=<your new password>

    Note: You can create the file with multiple lines to create multiple Administrators, for example:

  3. Make sure the file has relevant permissions:

    $ chmod 600 bootstrap.creds
    $ chown artifactory:artifactory bootstrap.creds

    Or alternatively,

    $ chmod 600 bootstrap.creds
    $ chown 1030:1030 bootstrap.creds


    The permission assigned must be exactly 600. Neither a more permissive, nor a more restrictive permission setting will work

  • Restart the Access service by restarting the corresponding Artifactory instance