After Build Info Save Worker Code Sample

JFrog Platform Administration Documentation

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Administration / Platform

The following section provides a sample code for a Before Upload worker.

export default async (context: PlatformContext, data: AfterBuildInfoSaveRequest): Promise<AfterBuildInfoSaveResponse> => {
  try {
      const res = await context.clients.platformHttp.get("/artifactory/api/system/ping");
      if (res.status === 200) {
         console.log("Artifactory ping success");
      else {
         console.warn(`Request was successful and returned status code : ${res.status}`);
  catch (error) {
         console.error(`Request failed with status code ${error.status || "<none>"} caused by : ${error.message}`);

  return {
        message: "proceed",
        executionStatus: Status.STATUS_SUCCESS,

Input Parameters


Provides baseUrl, token, and clients to communicate with the JFrog Platform (for more information, see PlatformContext).


The request with upload details sent by Artifactory.

 "build": { 
   "name": "buildName", 
   "number": "buildNumber", 
   "started": "startDate", 
   "buildAgent": "buildAgent", 
   "agent": "agent" 
   "durationMillis": 1000, 
   "principal": "principal", 
   "artifactoryPrincipal": "artifactoryPrincipal", 
   "url": "url", 
   "parentName": "parentName" 
   "parentNumber": "parentNumber", 
   "buildRepo": "buildRepo", 
   "modules": [
       "id": "module1",
       "artifacts": [
            "name": "name", 
            "type": "type", 
            "prop": "prop", 
            "remotePath": "remotePath", 
            "properties": "prop2"
        "dependencies": [
            "id": "id",
            "scopes": "scopes",
            "requestedBy": "requestedBy"
   "releaseStatus": "releaseStatus", 
   "promotionStatuses": [
        "status": "status",
        "comment": "comment",
        "repository": "repository",
        "timestamp": "timestamp",
        "user": "user",
        "ciUser": "ciUser"
    /** Message to print to the log, in case of an error it will be printed as a warning */
    message: string;
    /** Indicates whether worker execution succeeded or failed */
    executionStatus: Status;