Search for Archived Artifacts

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To search for archived artifacts:

  1. In the Live Artifactory instance, in the Application global search drop-down, select Archive.Application Search

  2. In the search field, you can either perform a:

    • Free-text searchFree-Text Search


    • Advanced Search: Click the Filter icon at the right end of the search bar, as shown below.


      The search drop-down window appears, as shown below:


      In the search drop down window, click Artifacts in the upper-right section of the window. The criteria for searching for archived artifacts appears, as shown below.


      Enter criteria for searching for archived artifacts, as described in the following table.



      Original Repository

      Search for artifacts based on the original repository name. Wildcard characters are supported.

      Archiving Time

      Search for all the artifacts archived within the specified time period.

      Artifact Name Pattern

      Search for artifacts based on the artifact name pattern. Wildcard characters are supported.

      Artifact Checksum

      Search for artifacts based on MD5, SHA1 or SHA256 checksum value.

      Wildcard characters are not supported in Checksum search, so the term entered in the search field must be a valid MD5, SHA1 or SHA256 value.

      Artifact Path

      Search for artifacts in a specific path in a repository.


      Search for artifacts or folders based on Properties assigned to them, whether they are standard properties assigned by Artifactory or custom properties.Property Sets

  3. When you have finished entering the search criteria, click Search to display results.