Project-Supported Actions by Role Types

JFrog Platform Administration Documentation

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Roles are cumulative, and are associated with a set of actions that allow users to have multiple roles within the predefined Platform hierarchy: Platform Administrators have the 'Administer the Platform' role and have full control over the entire platform including projects, while Project roles apply to specific projects or multiple projects. For example, a user can be a Project Admin for Project A and be assigned a Contributor role in Project B. In cases whereby there is a clash between roles at different levels, for example between a Global role and a project level, the project level role takes precedence.

You can assign roles with the following types of actions.

  • CRUD Actions: A set of predefined CRUD Actions that can be applied at the Global role and Project role levels to each of the resources, including Read Artifacts, Write Artifacts, Delete Artifacts, and Delete Builds.

  • Product-based Actions: A set of product-specific actions are available if the product is installed on your system.

    For example, if you have installed:

    • JFrog Xray: The Trigger security scans action is supported

    • JFrog Distribution: The Distribute Release Bundle action is supported

    • JFrog Pipelines: The Trigger Pipeline and Manage Pipelines actions are supported