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Revoking a Binding Using the Platform UI

Important Note on Revoking Bindings

You cannot remove the binding between the Live instance and the Cold instance in cases where the Cold instance is not available anymore.

  1. To revoke the binding between a Live and Cold instance, from the Administration module, click Platform Deployments | Bindings and then click the Cold Storage tab.

  2. Select the checkboxes for the bindings you wish to remove, and then click the Delete button to the right of the binding.

  3. If you are deleting multiple bindings, select all checkboxes, and at the bottom of the window, select Delete.

    This displays a confirmation message that asks if you are sure you wish to remove the binding.

  4. Click OK to confirm.

    Your action is applied and the results of the unbinding are now displayed.


Re-establishing Trust

Each connection between a Live instance and a Cold instance is bound to a namespace in the Cold instance, which is generated during the paring process. The namespace is unique and the trust is established for that specific namespace.

This namespace is required when you need to re-establish the trust between the Live and Cold instances, for example, after the token was revoked by mistake. In such scenarios:

  1. Retrieve the namespace.Get Namespace

  2. Regenerate the pairing token by providing the namespace as an argument in the POST request.

Example: curl -u admin:password -X POST https://<cold_instance_ip_address>/artifactory/api/v1/service_trust/pairing/artifactory-cold/gbbxmcuj

Where: gbbxmcuj is the namespace.