GitHub OAuth Setup

JFrog Platform Administration Documentation

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Caution: Access to Accounts

Any account that has access to the JFrog Platform URL will be allowed to log in, including accounts that are outside your organization scope. Please ensure that you fill in the Organization field when completing provider credentials. Leaving the Organization field blank is regarded as a security vulnerability, as it allows unrestricted access for all users to log in to Artifactory.

To set up your OAuth account on GitHub:

  1. Log in to your GitHub account. Under your personal profile settings, select Applications and click the Developer Applications tab.

  2. Click Register new application.

  3. Set the Application name. For example, the JFrog Platform Cloud OAuth.

  4. Set the Homepage Url. This is your Artifactory server hofst URL (https://<artifactory-server>/).

    For example,

  5. Set the Authorization Callback URL as follows:

    1. For self-hosted installation: http://<server_host>/artifactory/api/oauth2/loginResponseFor example,

    2. For cloud: https://<server_name>

      For example,

  6. Click Register application to generate your Client ID and Client Secret.

    Make a note of these; you will need them to configure OAuth authentication through GitHub on the JPD.